Kane And Able

Kane And Able - We Don't Care lyrics

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[Kane] Real niggas feel each other But the media would rather see us kill each other So fuck it I'm gon' give y'all motherfuckers what y'all want Chorus Throw your hood and your rag in the air I thought I told you bitch we don't care x2 [Kane] I stopped this motherfucker like traffic full of greens, cornbread and cabbage Serve fiends and attics to support my weed habit Niggas running so fast They kicking they own ass I swoles the AK matic on my foles I blast Stayed up all night counting a million in cash Kane & Abel and P down south representing with that nigga from the west Who put the sess in the blunt And rolled yeah we sold and ain't told it Lay it down motherfuckers don't be trying to hold it. Bulletproof S class We soldiers like owned masks But ain't nothing funny when we coming with that black mask Gangstafied gorillas down to put it on that ass Chorus x2 [Abel] Bout that action transaction Go warn your people it's gone Heavenly armed get shit on, pissed on and spit on It's on when my gongos want to fell on it more slow Catch slugs in your head, in your neck, in your chest and in the back of your motherfucking torso Oh so niggas want to test the tank See if we bout it Nigga we live for respect could never die without it Run up get your feelings hurt Gun up honey brown burst Number 1 hurry up and come or units disburse Caught a cold one of a hurst It's a serious topic and got an automatic weapon niggas besta drop it Come on Chorus x4 [Kane & Abel] Throw it up if you a soldier Put it up if you a soldier Throw it up if you a soldier Put it up put it up nigga Put it up put it up nigga

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