Kane And Able

Kane And Able - That's How It's Gone Happen 2 U lyrics

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-That nigga done fucked with a nigga from the ghetto -He don't know who he fucking with This one goes out to the murder capital murder capital of the world (Chorus) At night they robbing and they killing and they jacking And when you slipping g that just when its gone happen So be best to watch your back and keep your gat close Before them No Limit Soldiers peel your cap hoe Verse 1 (Kane) The heart of a human is evil like a Damien Every man born crying bucking ready to die screaming It's the rapping grim reaper that heavenly got you scratching Gone off that peter oding on some aspirin Kane & Abel back in that ass like return of the dragon And on Friday the 13th I'm a play Jason Pops mad tripping like if I was freebasing Nightmare on Elm Street I'm gone play Freddy Krueger Creeping on your block be like masked with the rueger If I pull a wicked's Child Play I'm gone play Chucky AK now you coming out some money Check the dictionary definition of a hustler Best to chill or be chilled we got more drama than Blockbuster Clack clack pull it back that's when I rhyme in the chamber Down with No Limit whipping on haters like some Power Rangers Ten plus seven in the click, got a death wish How you gonna get with this Man I'm cooler than eskimo piss Catch me in my candy impala getting none Couldn't live my thug life cause it was tatted cross your stomach Now I'm feeling good got weight circulating through the hood (Chorus) Verse 2 (Abel) Its on robberies like they balling and they g's True players for real ask Master P Creeping up on me, I'm the one that did this to ya, put that ass in surgery Pimping like my name was Pretty Tony, phony busters wanna murder me Picking 'em up taking 'em up to Howard Johnson's Kane & Abel get the money like we bail bondsmen If this is Halloween I'm a play Michael Myers You could smoke a bag of smoke but I bet that sticky get you higher For the love of money had to kill you like Radio Raheem Do the right thing or these 17 put you in a gangsta lean Or laying in a pine box cause the drama don't stop on my block That's how it happen to you (Chorus)

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