Kane And Able

Kane And Able - Only God Knows lyrics

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[Kane] See this here, this is somethin' serious right chea I want all y'all ignorant niggas to listen to this Not preachin' or teachin', but somethin' that y'all need to know [Chorus] Only God knows the truth Only God knows Only God knows the truth Only God knows Whisper in my ear when my casket close When it's my time to go, take my soul out the ghetto [Kane] Nowadays niggas kill, at the drop of a dime There be wars and Pulitzer Awards in the last time Killuminati comin', I read it in Revelations A one world goverment, United Nations Penetentaries like concentration camps Visa Cards and food stamps turn the microchips in ya hand I don't understand in this land I'm from It's like the rich get richer, the poor fightin' for crumbs We some killas of our own kind wit nines The white man pimp us everyday and we don't mind Crack kills the mind, but life kills the soul And your time to go, is somthin' you can't control The government designed a system, keep 'em mentally inslaved Control the population, outbreak, and AIDS The media keep niggas divided and confused Poison us with the food, and give us drugs ta use Keep you in the county, used niggas actin' like fools Runnin' 'round like y'all ain't got nuthin' ta lose [Chorus] x2 [Abel] I know what you sayin' Kane [Kane] What? [Abel] Feel my pain Test of time, put stress on the brain I learnt ta do my hussle at the age of fourteen How ta stack that triple beam, servin' stones ta fiends And it was only for tha style, all I got ta slangin' dope I was broke, ask my boy for weed He said he only had coke Ever since they been husslin', always went ta find a car When I die put my name up on the wall On my casket write, "fuck all of y'all" Remember Kane, those ladies used ta beat us, at tha foster home Since the age of sixteen, we been livin' on our own My momma pregnant wit us, shootin' up tha heroin Nigga from ya zone, grab that dirty Chrome, it's on Got two rocks left, prayin' that I make it home Cause only God knows tha truth, only God knows [Chorus] 'till fade

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