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Kane And Able - Get Cha Mind Right lyrics

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Most Wanted presents Kane and Abel My nigga from the basement on the beat Get your mind right BITCH! (Chorus) (2x) Get your mind right ya dig ya heard me bruh Get your mind right ya dig ya heard me bitch Get your mind right ya dig ya heard me bruh Get your mind right ya dig ya heard me (verse 1) It's your boys Kane & Abel we need no introduction Known world wide to get them niggas buck jumpin' Keep the club bumpin' til it's hype hype Get that mind right We rollin' with some killers that'll put it in your life Alright we down south hustlin' Niggas steady bustin' Got the trunk shakin' like you broke somethin' when we cussin' My hood to your hood get the tape let it blast When you up to no good with the black ski mask That ass might be next if you niggas don't respect us Get your head bust if you ever try to check us Ridin' with them thangs so pigs wanna arrest us Ya dig Ya heard That's how we talk in the third And give a fuck when we com get out the way you'll get mixed on We sick sick keep a extra clip if it's on Let it be buckin' at the enemies Strictly bout that combat if you ain't strapped then you better be (Chorus) (2x) (Verse 2) Uh oh it's me again on the fukin' beat again Pull out my heat all you creeps gon' retreat again You got no balls talkin' shit with glass jaws You gon' stop pause and shit in your drawers I take it to the streets 'fore they take it to me And make my way hustlin' on the block with D Comin' from the gumbo where the choppers blow Niggas senior citizens at the age of 24 Nigga what you know? only what i've seen And when the mack 10 screams There goes your dreams Go on 'bout your business if your quick with your lips Cause when I hit you with this you gon' toss your grits Comin' out the dirty south where playes pick they caskets The one with the mouth run the fastest When I blast this We got our own thangs So respect the game Or take ten steps turn around and bang ya heard me (chorus) (4x)

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