Kane And Able

Kane And Able - Between Us lyrics

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(Kane & Abel talking) Sometimes, these buster ass niggas fall in love with these trick ass hoes You know what I'm saying, they forget about their homeboys Stop falling in love with these tricks, let friendships go to waste you know what I'm saying Verse 1 (Kane) Used to be my nigga now some buster I don't even know You ran up like some bitch pussy whipped by some dog hoe And I'm a poor stupid nigga you had to gaul In love with this bitch who suck more cock than Rupaul You fake ass niggas do fake ass shit And fake ass niggas get pussy whipped It ain't the bitch its the principle of it, nigga fuck it We can handle this like gentlemans or get into some thug shit She loved it, yo can't you see your bitch chose me Nigga now you got the jealousy fucking up the currency Its killing me so much that now I'm contemplating murder can't you tell I hope they got a hoe for you in hell Chorus You used to be my best friend than you let a bitch come between us (Yo bitch got between us) You used to be my row dog than you let a bitch come between us (You know I take a bullet for you now you gone fuck it up) Verse 2 (Abel) My ex nigga its a shame best to leave that hoe alone Let her game get in your fucking veins like heroin I remember when you met her city lights, club hopping Caught your eye doing that butterfly that hoe was pussy popping You was hugging on her, loving on her, tried to tell you then Better leave that freak alone she only out for your ends You started tripping, tricking off that hoe outfits DKNY, polo socks with them white reeboks Two weeks later, she gave me her number that was it Fucked that hoe like a gorilla, tried to kill her that dog bitch And so, I'm hearing that you calling me a hoe To this dirty little trick that you didn't know a month ago I'll show you whose a hoe, ghetto, get the 44 Let this nigga know, let this nigga know I met the pullbearer so them niggaz call me drama I'm upset, get the black dress for your mama Chorus Verse 3 (Kane) We used to go to school together, shoot pool together Now I wanna shoot your ass and end your life forever Nigga keep on letting that bitch playa hate And that he say she say will get a tech up in your face Shut the fuck up nigga what, pass that fucking swisher Never sweat a bitch never let a bitch kiss ya Alright lets stop it squash it, no need to pull the trigger For we be shot hunched over, she bending over with the next nigga Its cool, I put away your concrete shoes Cause I got some love left, but you was close to death I seen it coming but got damn it was still kinda funny How that hoe got between us like Nino and G Money Cause fake ass niggas do fake ass shit And fake ass niggas get pussy whipped Fake ass niggas do fake ass shit And fake ass niggas get pistol whipped Chorus

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