Kane And Able

Kane And Able - Am I My Brothers Keeper lyrics

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[Kane & Abel] Sitting in church lookin at the preacher life is stupid Should have seen last night got this nigga spooky And Marvin Gaye would have made Kane wanna holler I seen a nigga get shot for five dollars And my grandmamma can't see why I slang crack Gotta keep clothes on my little sisters back I'm with three G's in the offer rain when it pass Later on smoke a blunt with the halves, when the past In my hood everybody dirt poor But the preacher come through with the lexus on more more Wonder if the church take drug money if they know And I don't know if I live to see twentythree or twentyfour Fore I go, I pray to god but the devil keep knockin knockin at my front door Long as the hood got gats clips and triggers Martin Luther King couldnt save these niggas I seen it in they eyes aint no future Or is it, my boy Half Pint doin life Sundays is when I visit and damn this shit get deeper Am I my brothers keeper

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