Kane And Able

Kane And Able - Abortion lyrics

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Verse 1 (Abel) Peep this 5'6'' nigga with more game than Starter Been pimping these hoes since I was shooting dog water Call me plastic man cause I pack that plastic glock Slinging my rocks on my block to the sunrise to the sun drop I'm bout it than done some shit that God couldn't forgive Ever since I was that coke baby with two weeks to live Shit my life is complex think I got a voodoo hex Busters try to wet me, bitches step get shot up like Malcolm X You fucking motherfuckers got his pocket full of boulders You sick of being sober hit me on my motorola Drink Cavassi A straight out the bottle counting g's Why you counting on the lotto Fuck ya'll is my motto Hit the streets make my ends rocks hidden in my M & M's Bitch this ain't Whodini, ain't no motherfucking friends Niggas average while caine be deadly like miscarriage And if it come to it I'm gone put one in your cabbage I'd rather steal to get paid like Shaquille O'Neal Soon as I drop my draws all of ya'll old ladies gone kneel Getting deep getting funky like some rock star coochie I'm jigging player haters just like pace makers for my loochie Partner my name is Kane got more game than the dope game Know less than 16 for every bird that I slang (Chorus) My mama wish she had a fucking abortion Cause I done so much shit so much gangsta shit >From every crime from drugs to extortion I know my mama wish she had a fucking abortion Verse 2 (Kane) I roll with No Limit cut throats trying to stack C-Notes Wearing green and white Nauticas and Mecca polos It all started my cousin got 'em got some heroin from Puerto Rico We call it ?? and snorted by alot of people Going to the place where danger awaits me I never knew my moms but if I did she probably hate me >From small time hustling to sticking up dope spots My grandma found a 100 grand stashed in a shoebox She kicked me out sent me down south where they be balling Got a 100 got 200 on a trip to New Orleans They used to love that weed like its they only child Now they got the naza cocaine it got 'em wild This child was born a twin seven minutes from my brother No visions of my dad wouldn't recognize my mother And now I'm so obsessed with this money I be earning I'm sicker than the fucking Germans All I see is green like Erick Sermon (Chorus)

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