Kane And Able

Kane And Able - 3 2 Murder 1 lyrics

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(Chorus) 3 2 Murder 1 lyric at your door 3 2 Murder 1 lyric at your door 6 million ways to die so I chose 3 2 murder 1 lyric at your door Verse 1 (Kane) Lyrical buckshots to gangsta hip-hop got to stop Fuck crooked cops got this glock so try to stop Explicit I'm on some ill shit God is my witness Watch a nigga get killed with the quickness Kane & Abel will leave your ass hurting with this pump Wrap you up in a shower curtain and dump you in the trunk ?? wanna cuff me like ?? The bank robber crew come thru drunker than a motherfucker Caine run thru in your brain watch your body drain Cut your legs off for half-stepping in the game I'll snatch you, hurt you with this tech and this mac Pumping on your chest won't let you take another breath Bloody murder is the issue Watch these hot missles kiss you Splatchering your brain tissue Its Kane with fire I pour gas on you and lit you I'm getting paid off the services of AK's I'm out here bad I know niggas who got grenades That's how it is in New Orleans Niggas don't go to school in the morning You get popped without warning Everybody and they mama in this fucking game Little g's get fronted QB's from Ben Thomas ?? workers keep on coming up short get shot up In the knees my gradmama watching the news waiting to see my face And if I catch case can cola Cause she don't understand slanging quarters cause I gots to be a baller I smoke that cess smoke the fire getting higher cut your fingers off And biting bitches like a vampire Living fantasies like Mariah (Chorus) Verse 2 (Abel) You was the victim of a deadly plot you got shot You fucking blood clot your face popped Pick up the pieces On Kane & Abel get blow deceases The murder rate increases Talking all that shit couldn't let that shit pass Sewed up your lips put the hot curling iron up your ass Bitch show some sense here respect Fear of penatentiary ?? will put your clic in check What's this, bucking hoes in my clothes By my Cutlass, wanna be thugs is trying to buck this You miss, you bests to be in before your curfew I murder you sipping brew just like my St. Ides commercial My gangsta ass weed make your nose bleed Smoke these damage your eyes you be standing like Chinese MC's take off running as I Grab the mic sweating like Rambo machine gun And I'm macking on your hoe macking on your little sister When I get stressed send both them bitches to the ?? switchers The SKS hit ya make ya bloody crime lab pictures Breaking niggas apart like Kevin on the ground when I come to town Niggas better get the fuck from around (Chorus) Verse 3 (Kane) At funeral shows dead niggas got the best hoes They shows fearing us got they face froze I smoke a Newport sniffing embalming fluid ?? myself up to do it And when I did it you gone get it Sitting, gripping on my tech and it don't sweat I can feel the devil's hot breath on my neck Buck buck to your ass get you numb like Teddy Pendegrass Fiening for quick cash, how long this shit gone last Bucking to your chest like David Koresh Make you stank like doo doo And got hoes who know that voodoo Kane & Abel is the name and now you know the pain 2 to the brain for being greedy to the fucking game (Chorus)

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