K-OS - Superstar, Pt. 1 lyrics

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[Verse 1]

Ending is coming and fast is soon

I don't need your pain and adversity

Rising like the sun in the highest noon

I don't want to lose the ability

Look at how they coming and they hang me high (hang me high)

Leave me out here, hang me out to dry (out to dry)

Standing on the side like some parasites, waiting on their turn to eat

And in this game of destiny, every man is asking "why?"

Or how they want to govern me

I couldn't let them if they tried

And in my deepest, darkest side

He was there to ease the pain

So i give up all my pie, just to glorify his name

[Chorus: x2]

Tell me "how did you get so low?" (so low)

When you know you're a superstar

If there's pain, then just let it go (let it go)

Don't forget that you know who you are...

[Verse 2]

And it doesn't last

When you turn the sand, into glass

They can steal the sun, out of the sky

Reach for a star, never too high

Don't shoot me down, not that you would

Don't pass me by, i'm not your fool

[Chorus: x3]

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