K-OS - Sunday Morning lyrics

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Everyday is Saturday night, but I can't wait for Sunday morning, Sunday morning

[Verse 1:]

It's the same thing, back in the cold

People know people come and go it bores me

Same thing

Seems like I'm trapped in the world where the servants they serve time

Time waits on no man

So when people fall like me


[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]

Walking down blocks

Pictures don't stop

Pictures inside my dome

This is not me

I'm just afraid to be here all alone

Hurry up, wait

Quit it don't stop

I'm drowning in the self

This is not me

Where is my revolution, but

If you want to own me

I am not concerned

If you follow me

I know that I can learn

You might be the greatest thing I've ever seen

All I know is music

All, All I've ever known

[Chorus x2]

(Let's go!) [x4]

[Chorus x3]

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