K-OS - Papercutz lyrics

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Papercutz Feat. Kamau

by: K-OS


Hey, it's the same once again

Microphones fully loaded and friend

Funny I try to make this end

But it seems I'm returnin' a name

it's the same once again

Microphones fully loaded and friend

Funny I try to make this end

But it seems I'm returnin'

Yeah, paper, cutz

Papercutz, Paper

Here we go, paper cut-t

papercutz, paper

paper, paper, cutz, papercutz paper paper, cutz

So ah k-os, Are you gonna do another album man?

Yo look man, yo you see all there,

you critics, hey check it out


Yo, I know I said i'd exit

But i couldn't do it the minute

It flowed from my lips

Futures can't exist

In a past time paradise

Rollin' dice, holdin' Christ

on a platinum chain, surrounded by ice

sisinel sirus?, you can't deny this

Because the light has brokin'

and tokens have been replaced by legal tender

Great pretendas tried to asend my agenda

I dismembered their thought patterns

and now they move in circles like Saturn

Spinning out of orbital formation Yea

The radio station is hatin' and so is my motivation yea

Cuz the pen and the pad are the only friends that I had

When the light can not be seen

I'm a fiend for the rap game and its gettin them like I'm a figurine

That move in articulate shadow boxin' appeal

What is real is irrelative, it is relatively revealed

That's why i sharpen these words

To you like papercutz

And I wreck visual images like I'm Julian Lutz

What's the name of this runaway train?

call it thought, harassin' the grain drivin' humans insane

This thing called the rap game, I'm claimin' insane

Lyrically I'm arcane, and such is papercutz


OK toronto

lets slow it down a little commin bit like this

Cataclysmic, mistic, with a bic

don't to think on a diamond mine

Gotta take it back, to the heart attack

That I felt when I saw the sign

Comin' down from the sky

like a supernova Jehovah

Got a crib and a land rover

But so what, i'm not sober

Just takin' sips but I don't skip

Just makin' trips so I don't tip

These papercutz just ain't enough

They makin' hits, and I can't touch

Just look at Hammer now

My grammar is tighter, provider

In light of freedom fighter, rhythm writer and rappin'

And yet you don't try it

because you can't buy it

I saw you grippin' and slippin'and fool I'm so tired

of fake emcees and you best believe

got tricks and the trade hidden up my sleeve

and I pray to God when I'm on my knees

that I can break it, cut this paper, Paper


paper paper papercutz damn

we are tearing the reaches

I've captured fractions of the globe inside my mind in fleeting moments that I hold fast to and throw them to infinity

in every step or less then every breath of less then each confession states a second of the time thats slowly killing me

inside these sentences the place where my repentance is

I'm so afraid in trying to turn these exits into entrances

I'm thinkin all of what i had and scratch it down onto a pad

but never saw the light of day

hence the tension is, rising up inside of me

crying for those that died for me,

my true friends

but it seems the selfish confide in me

they talk but they got listenin'

kissing the ground and living in deception at the same time

there's nothing to put their vision

in the half-empty

could of chosen to pull the world over their own eyes

they go blind

thinking the comforts fool but they don't realize

each and every word

it has potential

thoughts become reality

standards and instramental

those fleeting momemnts that i spoke of, they got more than taken

thoughts better off then laws, we call them inspiration

those fragments of the globe we use them as illumination

moving on the fabric of time the purpose is fortificaion making so

buh-bye buh-bye buh-by baa baa baa baaaaa

three minutes

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