K-OS - Funky Country lyrics

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Mic check, never ever lose the respect

Of hip-hop, roaming the streets in the Mecca

I don't shuck and jive and I don't dilly dally

I keep the crowd hyped and packed like Don Valley

I rally, with the emcee on the corner

But I'm a warn you, I've got rhymes till the morning

Sun, I used to push a Land Rover

Now I push a pen to the pad, the dream is over

Stop biting cause it's inciting

Me to send blows of flows and beat riding

The most spectacular vernacular actor

That ya'll, bringing stature, combat your, ego

But even that is a battle

So hard to keep my motives pure and not metal

Rebels, without a cause, break laws

But I'd rather break food over the beat for the applause

Tours, I did them

Holes in the game, I knit them

I wonder whatever happened to Sally in the valley

Hmm, it seems she's all grown up,

Time to head to Miskoky cause the game's sewn up.

I've been trying to learn this new song

But I hear the same old music every day

Hey, hey, hey,

To the, to the, to the, to the,

Going to fly with her to the Yukon

Going to melt my soul on ice then get away

Hey, hey, hey,

Hey, hey, hey.

Yo, people here I am, here I am, what

Laid back in the cut, trying to construct

A stone house, with an invisible mirror

So I could take a look at myself a bit clearer

Seen, if you don't get it then don't cram

Observe that you do, then you can understand

I was walking down the street when I met this girl

Who said she was in love, with diamonds and pearls

Shiny new rides, plush leather seats

Baby don't you know you're just reacting to the streets

You acting like a freak cause your daddy left home

Now you want a rock and a man with his own

Things, girl, get off the bling-bling

Train, it's turning our people into insane

Fiends, for cellular phones and blue jeans

Why? Because they want a piece of the pie

My abilita (ability) familifa (familiarize), a quicker mind

But I need to proceed deep with a god speed

Indeed, whack emcees get the gong

K-dub looking above with new songs

I don't want to know, how we came to be

All that I've been shown, is there's only you and me

Help me figure out, where this all went wrong

I think we need a new song, a new song

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