K-OS - Equalizer lyrics

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"Hit it"

[Verse 1:]

This is a broadcast from the universe

Supersonic bond, metaphor, megahertz

I'm on a mission with the mic in the holster

Spread the love from coast to coast hear the dope for editing

My only enemy's inside of me

Trying a lot of me but my degree's in the anatomy

My thoughts, they rotate, like planets round the sun

I observe them one by one, like a scientist

Once again kids be breaking the rules

Taking the school, the MCs playing the fool

What do you do, when all eyes are looking at you

For the answers to impossible questions that ain't true

That when I fall back

Recognize magnetic attraction pulling light down to this physical fraction

Makes me human, that why I humanize

I came to make the breaker, make it equalize


There's no need to run

Staring at the sun

There's one place left to go

And everybody knows

Things are going to change

There's only better days coming

[Verse 2:]

I'm back from sabbatical this mathematical magical stealth with the microphone

Seeing knowledge as self

Its here to elevate, regulate, or discombobulate

The weight of illegitimate fate now

Whatever the time, remember the mind's not the body

It's probably my last time but maybe not 'cause I've

Got a new style, it's what's up

Pain of the people means pop don't stop

Ladies and gents this is school house rock

Changing the plot, hip-hop with me or not

Ripping apart, its stereotypical art

Holding me back 'cause rap's not a grade of the dark

Jimi Hendrix was a hero to most

That's why we crown and toast the brand new host

All the unknowns, they were heroes to most

That's why we crown and toast the brand new host, equalize


Gimmie a beat

Gimmie a beat


I'm walking down this open road

I've got to shake this heave load

I know there's things in life I'll never see 'cause heaven only knows

Take this heavy load

Down this open road

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