K-OS - EMCEE Murdah lyrics

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We've just landed

Alright send a search party out

Duh, don't get caught up on this planet man

These humans are crazy

Just don't even show them your microphone

Cause then you know what?

They wanna give you a record deal and then

You end up dead you know what I mean?

It's like body snatchers

But you know what?

We love hip hop

Stop, please stop please

Okay here we go

[Verse 1]

Holding my raps

Olden is golden and black

Extoling virtues of rap

With monkeys riding my back

I see them falling

Doing commercials and balling

I'm not a hater but she's closing the gate

And we stalling

Woke up in the early morning

I heard a voice that showed me the things to come

And told me I had a choice

To build it 300 cubits by 50 cubits

*Drinking* thinking I'm stupid but deep in my heart I knew it

Money and fame could lead to emcee murder

You think you can escape but you can't take it any further

You call it writer's block

But you stop cause the vine is empty

Hip hop's not dead, it's really the mind of the emcee


It's all around me

It's emcee murder

Though God has found me

I thought I heard the

Sound of a thousand angels

It's the sound of danger

Know myself but I'm still a stranger

Emcee murder, emcee murder (oh)

[Verse 2]

I'll be damned if I do

And damned if I don't

My soul won't allow me to fake on the phone

Rocking the chrome

Another seed gets sown

Anonymous, I'm hailin' from parts that's unknown

I looked to the heavens above to spread love

But emcees keep faking hoping to make the bacon

Matters mistaken, cause who we are is not physical

Very mystical with the mind non typical

But, they want the cash flow

They steady scheming for the number one spot

These emcees they won't last though

I really feel somebody's watching me

From the third the star and telling us who we are

In this universe we like a speck of dust

You can't expect to trust man is living for the lust

Everbody wants the eye in the sky to come and save us

But maybe, the planet itself will terminate us with the

[Hook 2x]

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