K-OS - ELEctrik HeaT - the seekwiLL lyrics

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Ok, its about to go down

Please step up

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go

[Verse 1:]

Its the return, burn like a supernova

Spit the plates, the great debates over

Dont rush, take it easy, slow down

Earth is a space ship spinning round and round

Were in it, together, we can make it better

Don't sweat a, thing swing with no vendetta

I rhyme in a graph style, carve every letter

To move every B-boy king like Coretta

Scott, keep it hot block once rock

The plot that we tried to recignise was not

The L to the O-V, M-O-V-E

K dub dropin' the dub, thats new TV

The E-M-C double E no doubt

Runin' the route, wakin' out, turnin' the part out

We all fall from grace and make mistakes

And race the pace the base with the anidote "base"

And every single word in the verb wildstyle

Its not a mission its a riddle lifestyle

I'm still in the struggle and I see the light guile

Turnin' pretend accend whats in the profile


Can you feel it, to the beat ya'll

Let the music play for the people

And if got a rock, whether your ready or not

yo, guess whos back with the sequell

Oh ya, just do it

Oh ya, just do it

[Verse 2:]

Now, in the beginning the light shined so bright

Within the city of my mind-scaped night

Listening, glistening the moon refliceting the sun

making me one with the music

Oh, get low, get for, get ho

Its different black gold

Yes I'm in the house but I never ever sold

Rhyme like vynl, 20 years old

With the mic in my hand, ringin' alarm

Singin' the song, bringing the calm to dramas so hard

To much info, been so instrumental, prtential, exponential

My DJ's cuts are presidential

Yo Jazz, let the rythm hit 'em

I woke up to make the main cut, to face the pain

What does space contain love?

Its the heat-seaker, packin' the speaker to beat the sleek creature

It was written the sequel




The world is yours unless the world is ours

What casting stones from afar

We're like people driving in our cars

On los highway, my way

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