K-OS - Chocolate Chewing Gum lyrics

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Wake up in the morning, press the Colgate

Brush my teeth, then I'm hitting the streets to meditate

Went outside, and the sky was rather grey

But I paid no attention kept moving upon my way

Went down the block, and skanked a little further

When this kid came up, he said what's up with MC Murdah?

That was then son, this is now

I live in the moment like a why to a how

Wow, that's profound, just break that down

That's when I proceeded to show him the pro to the noun

I found instead of trying to be what I was

I be what I is which makes us the wizard of us

Plus I'm really sick and tired of complaints

Of hip hop this, rap that and what it ain't

I'd rather do a dance, find some romance

Or pray to my father in heaven to get a chance

He glanced down and looked rather disappointed

But then he looked up and looked up and looked ra-rather anointed

He said, "MC Murdah, they wait for the man

And the master of the ceremony that was unplanned"

Damn, you quit pit you know

Plus I grab microphones from here to Gadow

I keep my mind still like the art of tablow

And no matter what they say I go on with the show

We laughed, and gave each other a pound

Exchanged numbers, I said kid see you around

Continued with my stroll for that lazy afternoon

But then out from the sky I heard a great big boom

Eh, yo, I couldn't tell you why

But purple rain straight started falling from the sky

I started to cry, I thought it a lie

I prayed for my mother oh me oh my

You should of seen the people jumping and crying and screaming

Believing the seasons was changing; the rain was the pain of the nature

And running and coming and going and low and beholding

And wishing the sun was golden and hoping it wasn't over

Damn, now people to this day can't tell you what I saw

It was raw; it broke every mortal thought, every law

Yo, in awe I was, a buzz, then a light, and it said to me right

"We be them rap kids from galaxies a far

And it seems that maybe your rhymes are up to par

So if you want to live on within this universe

You have to kick a dope verse, and don't curse"

Oh hey well what do you know?

My life came down to how well I could really flow

So I thanked god for this magna stage

And dropped that rhyme on the corner and it went this way:

I take it to the limit infinite, I been it committed to finish

I did it and if they bit it I heavy hitted to get it

This record of water is sort of the slaughter of mortal thoughts

It borders on orders and can't be thought of the "bought by cash"

K dash, fly from going to last, what is the task you ask

And what alien form is this man talking

Is he human or Vulcan, escaping or stalking,

Or walking away from the rhyme by sledding down white hills of snow

Tobogganing canadiana, my granny Georgiana, my brother stays in Atlanta

I rock over cabanas of intellectual manners,

You get hit by the gamma rays sort of like David Banner

Now the mind is a terrible thing to waste

Even worse is the great void of infinite space

That extends beyond time

Beyond all math

Your watch can only measure the second that just passed but

That doesn't matter; I'm just a B-Boy

That gets mad excited when the crowd makes

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