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Call me

(call me)

If you wanna go

we don't have to stay

In a world that is slippin' away

Call me

(call me)

If you wanna go

we don't have to stay

In a world that is slippin' away

Face the world

my father told me

that life is mystical

beautiful bliss-ful

Now, in troubled times

I find soul in reaching

what I'm seeking seems so far

praise the world

My mother told me

that life's mechanical

so tyrannical

it blows my mind

just what we'll be reaping

and weeping so help us god

Never knew that I

could be looking why

are so many


making castles of sand

every man

wanna be the one

wanna be the one to be

king for a day but its slipping away

and I'm happy

most melodical things I say

to release the pain

and cease the rain

in my brainstorm

I can't hide

from inside

escape to, the outside

and I'll be flying away.

[Chorus x2]

Never know, never know

whats right until you walking death

everyday is just a struggle

we take till there's nothing left

when I wake up pray that I can see the truth between the dark

for the rest that don't care this a message straight to your heart

nothing you say now can turn me away

I'm walking the path, never-le me a stray

many they hold mics I don't know what to say

whats going on today?

And you walk to fast

on the broken glass

on the smoking pass

hoping that

worshipping the cash

but it never lasts

won't you ask

what can we be?

can we be free?

where can we go?

[Chorus x2]

Call me

Call me

(if you wanna go)

Call me

(you can call

Call me

me if you wanna go)

Call me

Call me

Call me

Call me

[Chorus x2]

Call me, (call me)

If you wanna go...

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