K-Drama - Get Your Weight Up lyrics

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Verse 1

If weakness and pain is leavin' the body, then I cry every black-night

Tryin' to get my act right

Tryin' to get my 'pack tight

Stack might

Be the reason why I lost the last fight

'Cause I couldn't recall words of the One I'm tryin' to act like

People wanna act like they don't wanna fill me

Like everyone is chiseled, I gotta bring the real me

The stretch-marks, the ailment, the sinful, the filthy

Ain't what you expect, get a refund, "Heal me!"

With the body lookin' sluggish Christian rappers want to diet

Christian's pull to sin any time they flesh is tired

"ANYONE LIVIN' HOLY?" Sound familiar?

What happened to bein' different? I thought we were peculiar

Them folks can't tell the difference, we do the same things daily

We surf it so temporal, eternal was Jesus

We need discipline

Gotta start resistin' sin

Wanna carry your cross, then you gotta


Get your weight up (4x)

You could do it! (8x)


Verse 2

I got the top trainer

Data in my corner

Strategy on my mind? Legal it to the corridor

They think I'm shadow boxin'

The crowd starts mockin'

Not seein' my fight even though they are watchin'

But they aren't payin' attention, we don't fight against flesh

The slug fests

Ain't easy for me to pass, unlike a drug test

'Cause this mess,---


from straight out the blue

Backin' in the Spirit, I used to look puny

A Scrub in the ER, like George Clooney

Sufferin' from mouth nourishment and dehydration

I didn't live for Jesus, I lived for the sensation

But that really depressed me

Empty, high, left me

Because it's so short-lived, now it doesn't impress me

I live for what's eternal, I live life on the bench-press

'Cause muscles don't come without resistance, so


Verse 3

It's easier to resist. Sin: It doesn't mean much

You went and do it no way, because it's not your lust

But what's the thing that competes with Jesus for your heart?

The sin that attracts you, --on your chart

Trust me, I've been there

Sometimes I'm still there

I overcome sin, but sometimes I fell there

'Cause beat that wrong doin', so frustratin'

I love God, but I wish it showed in my patience

'Cause that's where the power comes

That's where the peace comes

That's where the fulfillment comes

That's where the feast comes

When you start workin' out your salvation

With fear and tremblin', call it formation

So, let's up the ante

Sin no longer amps me

Gotta read the manual, His word does the clamping

When I press toward God, I press away sin

Sin is the weight, and I'm bench pressin'


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