K-Def - The Meeting

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Ever vulture burst open in the office

Toasting bourbon with your bosses

Going over corporate losses, aha, aha!

Black markets never crashed

Black merchants and rap artists put prices on prisons by serving bags,

I purchased it!

Feel purses with shiny pennies

Told em if you worthless just to smash your Emmys

You have some money, my bag is placed here

A great passage of equality, promise me greatness!

Same height within the economy

If my life was a spaceship you was probably be astronomy.

Studying with statements

And my history will be anarchy

Minus the hatred, death follow my lectures

It's like Hannibal Lector, so big is the heads of lettuce

They let us be leaders,

But they rate and they segregate us

Race to the finish! And we finished without race

I stated a simple planet, a simple man

A simple man gave me a simple planet to stand

I'm tryna understand and expand simultaneous

Kinda like Chamberlain …. Bless my cousins and…

Milk the message!

The message was milking the sons, motherless

Discovered peasants dressed up,

Richer than Summerset

Say something significant!

I couldn't think of the cities

That someone was missing

My message, forgot to kiss me, my affiliates

War on black to the neo-Nazi

…and we all should try as one body!

Black, black, black, black!

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