K. D. LANG - Turn Me Round lyrics

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Last night I heard<br>A ruckus down the road<br>No time to lose and so away I go<br>I saw the lights<br>At the junction...<br>Pulled in my wheels<br>And checked the show<br><br>(turn me round)<br>(they're) dancin' round, round, round<br>(turn me round)<br>Square dancin' round, round, round<br>And down and round<br>(turn me round)<br>They're dancin' round, round, round<br>(turn me, turn me, turn me)<br>They're dancin' round<br>(turn me, turn me, turn me)<br><br>I couldn't believe it<br>So I circled back and then<br>Cooled up my engine<br>And I walked right in<br>Allemande left and rip it on up<br>And circle back and go<br>It was a square dance<br>Like a rockin' rodeo<br><br>Wait up, little boy!<br><br>Take it home, partner<br>Tears it on up and do-se-do<br>Don't you let go<br>Just reel and reel and reel<br>And rock it all over and back<br>Now circle left, then circle right...on back<br>Take it from the top<br>And tear it on up<br>And never let her go<br>Just dance a little longer<br><br>I danced and partied<br>Till my feet went through the floor<br>I swung my partner<br>Till I couldn't stand no more<br>Allemande left and circle back<br>Circle round and then<br>We rocked and rolled around<br>And did it again

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