K. D. LANG - The Consequences Of Falling lyrics

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Are you breathing<br>What I'm breathing<br>Are your wishes<br>The same as mine<br><br>Fire you needing<br>What I'm needing<br>I'm waiting for a sign<br><br>My hands tremble<br>My heart aches<br>Is it you calling<br>If I'm alone in this<br>I don't think I can face<br><br>The consequences of falling<br>Are you thinking<br>What I'm thinking<br>Does your pulse<br>Quicken like mine<br><br>Are you dreaming<br>What I'm dreaming<br>I can't read your mind<br>One step towards you<br>Two steps back<br>Feels like I'm crawling<br><br>If I'm alone in this<br>I don't think I can face<br>The consequences of falling

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