K. D. LANG - Tears Don't Care Who Cries Them lyrics

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Tears don't care who cries them<br>They don't care at all<br>Any time a heart starts breaking<br>They will fall and fall<br><br>Rich man, poor man, beggar<br>Tears can fill each eye<br>They don't care who cries them<br>You just cry, cry, cry<br><br>*once my love and dreams<br>Were in your keeping<br>Then you walked away<br>With someone new<br>Once you laughed at me<br>When (while) I was weeping<br>What happened to me<br>Has happened to you<br>Tears don't care who cries them<br>But my eyes are dry<br>I'm laughing now while you learn how<br>To cry, cry, cry<br><br>(repeat *)

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