K. D. LANG - Got The Bull by The Horns lyrics

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I love the brunettesblonds

And the redheadstoo

Love 'em since I don't know when

I love 'em all right down the line

And then I start all over again

I tart all over again

I got the bull by the horns

In a downhill drag

Things are better than they ever have been

I missed a lot of lovin'

In my lifetime

But I'm never gonna do it againno

Never gonna do it again

Wellas a kid in school

I guess I done pretty well

All hung around me then

But I acted shy

And I let 'em get away

But I'm never gonna do it againno no

Never gonna do it again

Over this town

Tryin' to find the places you've been

And I missed your huggin'

On the first go around

But I'm never gonna go around again

Welllet's go round again

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