K-Ci & JoJo

K-Ci & JoJo - Thug In Me, Thug In You lyrics

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(feat. 2Pac)


He, he, he

Baby it's the thug in me

You know what time it is..

By age 13 I was buckwild

Good in my knucklegame

Made it through a tough childhood

Never be the same

Walked in my daddy's shoes

No time to be a peaceful man, had to shatter fools

That's 'til I put my eyes on you

Goddamn sweetheart

You got some thighs on you

Now I can't wait to get you home

Get you all alone in my bedroom

Baby can we bone and get it on?

Tell me lady how you like me

And if you want it harder, baby

Come and bite me, but do it lightly

Cuz that excites me when the lady bite

And if you lick me right I'll do it all night

Only got fucked by a drug dealer

Never felt the real passion of a thug nigga

Though I like the way you scream when you lovin' me

I'm goin deep, it's the thug in me

So whatcha sayin, girl?

[1: K-Ci & JoJo]

A thug nigga like me

Need a thug lady like you

I got a lot of thug in me

That I wanna put in you

[Repeat 1]


Woke up this morning

Feelin' kinda horny (he, he)

I want you to come over

To get some of this thug love

Tell me how you want it, girl

Tell me how you like it, girl

Tell me do you need it, girl

Don't try to fight it, come on

[Repeat 1 x2]


How do you want it?

I said toss it up

Let me be your dentist

Let me floss it up

Tell me how you want it

Tell me how you need it

Tell me how you like it

Don't try to fight it, no

[Repeat 1 x2]


Moan baby when we bone, it's on

It's so strong niggas in the next room will cum

I got your head swinging

Tongue kissing as I hit it from the back

With the bed ringing, he he

Give me space as I lick your face

Stick the place sychronized so I grind

When they kick the bass

Love fucking in the mornin'

I get you wet, bust a sweat, then I'm gone

Left you on your own, girl

Tell me what you feel like

Blindfolded I'm cold do it real nice

That's if it feel right

Maybe it's the thug in me

I pull your hair while we fucking in the chair

When you loving me up against the wall

You can have it all, just try

Bet my kiss can get you high

Don't pass by

Grab me by my nuts when I'm loving you

Now open up and let me put the thug in you

[Repeat 1 x4]


I don't got no motherfucking expectation

You know what I'm saying

You see don't be asking me what I be pulling your hair

Or why I fuck so damn much

It's that thug passion know what I mean?

No mercy

What you scared of? (I ain't scared)

Did you come over her to get fucked? (yeah)

You ain't come over here to get strokin' and all that bullshit

You came over her to get fucked

I fuck you thug style baby

You leave my house sayin' 2pac game served you

Don't have me crossed up in that bullshit (okay)

Turn it up (okay baby)

Baby it's the thug in me (yeah)

[girl moans in background]

A lot of y'all fuckers heard Whatz Ya Phone Number?

And thought y'all could fuck with me in the bedroom

It ain't going down

As long as they make Ginseng and condoms

Bitch you outta luck

I don't got no motherfuckin explanation

My motherfuckin motto

Baby it's the thug in me...

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