K-Ci & JoJo

K-Ci & JoJo - Still Waiting lyrics

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Check this out it's devante with the hailey bros. waitin on you baby you know what i'm saying it's been a long time they still waiting still waiting to get it on coming straight from the dirty south K-Ci: i'm telling you something girl you should litsen JoJo: i'm making an offer but it's your decision K-Ci: the choice is yours it's all up to you JoJo: so dont' be a fool you know who to choose girl every time i see you walking by with the other guyi just wonder why can't that be i kissin your lips and rubbing your thighs waking up every morning by your side tell me why i'm still waiting for you to come feel ecstasy on my knees check my stees let me knock it with ease i'm still waitin for the day when i can fill his space when i can take his place you can feel my face all around you, girl uh, huh K-Ci: i'm dreaming about you scheming to catch you JoJo: been meaning to tell you i'm feening to smell you K-Ci: it's nothing that you said it's nothing you did JoJo: it's just th eway you are girl you flip my lid

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