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K-Ci & JoJo - Momma's Song lyrics

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We gonna do something a little different for y'all On this song because Me and my mama was watching the news the other day and We saw a lot of thangs that's goin' on in the world And mama just happen to just come up with some lyrics to a song She said "I want y'all to sing this song for me on this CD Cuz y'all never sang a song for me before" And ah, this was written by mama And this is what mama told me to tell y'all She said 1 - We all need that kind of love That special love The love from above We all need that kind of love That special love The love from above Look into the mirror of life And tell me what you see I see people all over the world Who needs to know the meaning of love Let me tell you what real love is all about If you see a man down, don't step on him Reach down and pick him up Pick him up, give him a helping hand Repeat 1 Oh, see that mother over there Strugglin' to survive She has about five little children No food or clothes to put on their backs And what you should do If you see somebody like that You should go up to them Lend them a helping hand Offer a roof over their head Cuz the world is in need of love like that Repeat 1 Repeat 1 while: K-Ci help me, K-Ci help me Tell 'em where we need love USA, Africa, Bosnia, Ethiopia Korea and China, even Iraq too Even in Haiti That's what we all need Repeat 1 until fade

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