K-Ci & JoJo

K-Ci & JoJo - Here He Comes Again lyrics

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Tell me he didn't break your heart

Tell me he didn't lie to you

Tell me there's no way that he set you up

Tell me there's no way that you'll let him use you

You'd think by now you'd know him by all his signs

So how could you be a fool?

<i>[1]</i> - Girl, here he comes again

Tellin' lies to you

Girl, here he comes again

To break your heart

You'll find out, you know he's no good

When will you learn

He's nothing but a user

It's not my place to say what to do, no

But I just can't stand when love abuses you

He's never gonna change, no no no

He enjoys seeing you in so much pain

So little girl, get up off your face

And hold your head up high

And tell him that you are through

<i>[Repeat 1]</i>

Girl, I know you want me

I see the look in your eyes

All you have to do is ask me

Don't think you're wasting your time

I am yours if you want me

All you have to do is tell me

Do you want me? Do you want him?

Look behind your back, he's comin' again

<i>[Repeat 1 until fade]</i>

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