K Camp

K Camp - 2Crazy lyrics

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(Hook: K Camp)

2Crazy, man that bitch act 2crazy

Every time we fuck it's 2crazy

Man my life is 2 crazy (shit 2crazy)

2crazy, everybody think I'm 2 crazy

Smokin' on dank that's 2 crazy

Spill my drink I'm 2 crazy

2crazy, 2crazy, 2crazy, 2crazy, 2crazy (yeah)

You know a young nigga 2crazy

2crazy, 2crazy, 2crazy, 2crazy, 2crazy (2crazy)

You know a young nigga 2 crazy

(Verse: K Camp)

I get money for a hobby, bad bitches all in the lobby

If you lil niggas gon' copy, make sure you do that shit properly

Young nigga stankin' that broccoli, bad hoes want to stand beside me

I fucked her friend she'll probably, Snapchat that pussy no Gotti

Man my bitch act 2 crazy , shawty double trouble like two babies

You ain't gettin' money you 2 lazy, shawty broke and mad that's 2 phases

I got that money on me like I'm supposed 2

Young nigga made 6 figures I'm pro 2

You ain't want to let me in so I had to show you

When I got problems who the fuck can I go to?


(Verse 2 : K Camp)

Can't stop a nigga on a mission, got my bitch whippin' in the kitchen

Shorty that pussy finger lickin', and I ain't even get a chance to stick it

Nigga we do this for a livin', bitch better watch for the pimpin'

Hooked on the money I'm fishin', hooked on the money I'm fishin'

Shorty want to ride like SoMo, joint got the boy on slow-mo

Shorty last nigga is a bozo

Ya can catch me gettin' money in some shell toes

Ya can catch me gettin' money in some flip flops

Told little shorty make sure the door locked

Brand new so I had to let the fro lock, shorty lickin' on a nigga like a blow pop



Yeah (2 crazy)

Yeah (2 crazy)

Yeah (2 crazy)

Yeah (yeah)


Slumped (slumped)

Yeah (2 crazy)

Yeah (2 crazy)

Yeah, yeah, (woo) yeah



Turn up hoe

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