J.W. - U And Me lyrics

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Every time I think about you

all the shit we've been through

you ain't never let a nigga dime


So I dedicate this song to my bitch

u and me

u and me

yeah, you ain't never gonna leave me

u and me

From the first time I put you in my..

I couldn't stay calm my emotions kept growing

I get a rush from the ..

put my fingers in the right place baby when you f*ck

and talking bout love , ain't talking bout less

if I ever got a problem one thing I can trust

you always be ready, you always be there,

you scream my life the f*cking

I squeeze tight you though like a fool fight

you tell me in the right spot

and I ain't got a thing twice

that I..commitment

so having you a round and spend it

you never suspend it, you always you're bout my side

but I check got weed on rock

all my life I roll passing the side catching to figure out nine

talking bout my ..

U and me, yeah I love my bitch boy

U and me, she gonna air where I go nigga

U and me, so you ain't gotta hate nigga

there's no way she's with me nigga

U and me, and when you around and be my nigga

all that fan, she ride up nigga

You knew when I touch, you low when I hold you

always begging em to take you at the hostal

some call you nine, but I call you potion

death to the enemy they try to come closer

shade up paper, a great a hustle

city gangsta I got mother f*cker

and you the jelliest tight

always trippin up bugging on the fight

if I take take take you home at night

you can look at em harder, that ain't right

you can grind out light like she ain't ..

so i gotta pick your bike and touch your tight

my bitch, my girl, my home, my world

if I ..bike you leave like serve

a lot on the mike one in the..

if she release just white your..


U and me, yeah

U and me,

U and me, everything nigga, nigga gotta real slick

U and me, niggas know what I'm talking bout

U and me.

I'm in the hood, I'm on the block

I gotta hang your host..'cause you got a pop

always down for em if I'm not enough

..poor nigga you in't never flop

and when I'm winning nigga he's try to ride me

when we was out of town bottom spot three

yes you and me, f*ck them niggas

f*ckin your hard when I was pulling the trigger

damn niggas talking bitch but their clip

..nigga deff this ain't me

Look up my bitch 'cause she hot the ..

leave the gun out of oh my damn

all the results you ain't got to tell

hard poppin was good when we had to chill

I was shining hard like a ..

lick shots bustin boy I am from the ..


U and me,

U and me,

U and me,

U and me,

U and me.

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