Jumpsteady - The Obsolete Man

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I am a man

I strive to survive as best I can

In bed I lie as I wonder why

What it means in this world to live then die

Suicidal thoughts play across my mind

In a bind I wish I could fade sometimes

Flee out to sea like a lost memory

Or a dark fantasy that could never be

Anger would then was away like rain

How can it stain my heart with pain

Please tell me why Kenny had to die

He was way too young to be where he lies

While another friend suffers endlessly

Her body afflicted with HIV

Miss my dog with her head in my lap

Can still see her on the floor collapsed

At night demons attack my sleep

Nightmares cast from the shadow deep

Moments in time slipping by

As few have your back but many deny

I'm punchin the clock and hole in my walls

Wonder if God is there when I fall

Only when I die will my dues be paid

Upon wages of sin will I be weighed

I'm not obsolete cause I'm alive

Through the gate of death I do survive

Past the dark fold there's a light to behold

There's a mission in life that remains untold

The path I choose I cannot lose

There's somethin' to learn here before I'm through

With no demand let my mind expand

'Cause every life on Earth is part of a plan

The joys in life come by surprise

Upon this truth sanity lies

Think of my best days there's more to come

Think of my victories yet to be one

Think of my loves yet to be found

Think of my friends gathered 'round

The worth of life is not measured by days

One can live long yet trapped by a barricade

Follow my dreams no matter the cost

Try to move forward even when lost

What is known is life is a loan

At the end of the road is a gravestone

Like a man on the edge with nothin' to lose

I see and do what I wish to do

'Cause I'm all in with a short stack

Never look back if it turns out whack

With this life we breathe comes mystery

Shadows cast on reality

Don't you hear the ghostly calls

Transcending from beyond our walls

There's a world out there beyond our own

A place human eyes will never know

Angel's watch from beyond the grave

Follow your soul if you wanna be saved

I've seen miracles before my eyes

Hope their revealed when I die

As the circle of life ends where it began

I am a man

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