Jumpsteady - Sonar Skit

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They blindly stumble face to face with a dozen undead.




However... However between you and the undead is a deep


Where at the very bottom you can see just a faint


It could be legendary treasure of the Gin-Rah... Or I

Could be a trap.


Frelic jumps into the pit to gather the treasure...

How much does Frelic get?


... It's a trap...

(Female Player)



The pit is filled with Gem encrusted spikes.

Frelic, the fanatic of Glosomere... dies.

(Female Player)

Pardiu Sadim, use your power to raise the dead.

(Other player)

Well, I... I can't, I don't have enough points to raise

The dead...


Oh hell...

(Female Player)

Oh, J-J, that was really stupid jumping into the pit

Without using your sonar first...

Really stupid

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