Jumpsteady - Ninjas In Action

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We got many psychopathic ninjas on this track

Choppin off wigs like a flyin guillotine attack

Jumpsteady, a shocker, rockin the blue blockers

A Bruce Lee one inch punch heart stopper

You mess with my own,

I'll turn ya to stone,

Give ya busy tone from an undertaker's phone

That's full circle three fold justice, muthafucker

Beat ya silly like a tire - tappin trucker

I see this ho is waitin for me

Muthafucka, tell a friend

I gotta glock that bucks harder than a drill team sergeant

Never been a bitch, always gots to get respected

The target is ejected with the venom from my weapon

Then ya is deceased when I strike ya in jaw

Ain't no time tell yo mama that you love her anymore

Ain't no callin on your homies, ain't no callin on the Lord

Somebody shoulda told ya bout fuckin with a corpse

Violent J y'all and I'm outta control

Steady slappin' off the California highway patrol

Rockin a chemical imbalance and a stolen school bus

Full of screamin lil kids, we doin' 90 plus

Runnin cops off edges, ratta-tat-tat 'em

Bustin shots, swervin and throwin kids at em

Jumpsteady in a chopper and away we get

Watchin everybody else fallin over the cliff

It's the tripe X balla

I'm in love wit yo mama

But yo daddy be playa hatin so I don't call her

I'ma go see my ninja level flow

Callin storm, shadow, letcha know, we slicin atcha dome

Mr. Bones, Madrox, who you trippin on?

My appetite is planetary when I'm screamin unicorn


Show me who we bumpin on, show me who we smokin wit

Handled like some lunatics to get into some killer shit

S-H-A- double G-Y

Why? cuz I run wit a hatchet guy

Let me go ahead and check my watch

(Fo whut?)

So I can see how much time you got


Before the hatchet that I run wit swings dowwwn

And splits yo face (shit!)

I understand why everybody wants to be down with me

I'm runnin with Jumpsteady

Psychopathic, we crazier than a muthafucka

ABK in this bitch undercover

No badge, no cuffs, no jail

Bout to beat ya in the head with my 40 until ya tell

Detroit hatchet family on the scene

Juggalos, deputies, bitch ya know what I mean

Taking over the world with no means to quit

With some underground hatchet swingin illusional shit


Legz Diamond in this bitch

Making hair stand up on the back of your neck

I'm comin for you haters, little bitches you are

You can run, you can hide, but you won't get far

Bullets for your credits, runnin yo mouth

How you talkin that shit? You get yo fuckin brains blown out

Your game is weak, the stakes are high, and so am I

I don't live and let live, I take an eye for an eye

Psychopathic ninjas on a killing spree

Creeping in the shadows of eternity

Psychopathic ninjas you will never see

As the phantom blade becomes your reality

This ain't no two hand touch so get yo helmet on

All you might just get planted on yo neighbor's front lawn

We some grave diggers wit the shovels and boots

We on some wicked shit hidin in hubbles and under suits

I'm on a whole different level

Leave you and the devil

In the dust

With a sign that says 'Heaven Or Bust'

I'm not yo priest or yo reverend

But I've been known to bless a mic

That'll make you swear to God I was heaven sent

For a locus, I'm a hundred ton death from above

To OJ Simpson, I'm a fingerless glove

For a pilot, I'm a 'Ghani with a beard and a trenchcoat

Chillin first class, steady sippin on a coke

To a paranoid cop, I'm a game of Morton's list

For a crab, I'm an elusive and deadly cuttlefish

At your birthday, I'm Jeff Dahmer bakin a cake

As you ponder why your best friend is three hours late

I can still rock that heater in my back

(Where it's at?)

On the stable on the roof bustin shots with my gat

The surface is scattered with bullets, we flyin through the air

Cuz I leap of da roof, 30 feet without a care

Just to break off my leg and shit

Get up and beat a mothafuckin pig with it

Cuz cops ain't shit, they get they muthafuckin throat cut

And wrapped in bloody sheets and tossed up in my trunk


A Bruce brother nerd sippin gasoline slurpies

Rockin a rare breed of Sudanese herpies

Raised in the jungle, communicate with snakes

I'll squeeze your throat piece off til it breaks

Like a boa constrictor

A pressure inflictor

Lotus Pod pro tool wit a pit shifter

We'll always be underground, not just at first

I ain't tryin' to play myself the fuck out like Fred Durst

Fat kids stay big and fuckin like marshmellows

And stomp holes in your fuckin lyrics like the goodfellows

Not it for the cheddar, not in it for the hoes

But I love the juggalettes like peach faygo

Newports and a plan to fuck

And a half of cup of syrup when it's time to get drunk

Nightclubs in my trunk and my disco balls

And my hatchet in the air screamin fuck y'all!

I'm the urban legend in your back seat

With a hook to your head while your rollin down the street

Most people, they look at me and run

They get up in the club and I pulled out a gun

Ya know your bed? That's me under it

Pull the covers over your head, I'ma smother it

Then it's back off into the moonlit sky

Throw your hatchets high!

What you non juggalos gonna do?

We know you see us, a gang of painted faces comin through

You gonna run, you gonna hide

You gonna try to say that you got ya one just to stay alive

It don't work bitch don't even try

I'm blowin holes in yo chest from the gun that I fire

Comin thru your dome, come one and all

It'd be a shame to see a buncha muthafuckas fall

I'm givin props to my homies on the southwest side

Psychopathic family til the day that we die

I'm off into the street slangin them tapes

Shoutout to Double A and the money he makes

Esham, my dogs runnin on the east side

My street gang's grown, muthafucka worldwide

My juggalos, we one big click

It's the Chaos Theory, cmon get wit it

Psychopathic ninjas on a killing spree

Creeping in the shadows of eternity

Psychopathic ninjas you will never see

As the phantom blade becomes your reality


Light's out!

*prison door slams*

So how long you been here, old man?

20 years

Damn, that's a longass time, you musta got caught up on some serious shit. I'll be out in 3 years. You ever thought about escapin this place?

Sure I do, but ya see those walls and those guntowers and all them guards. Makes it almost impossible for an old man like me to try and get out of here. Besides, I escape every night. Cuz the one thing they can't lock up is your mind unless you let em. And everynight, I can dream. That's when I escape, that's when I escape these walls, and I...

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