Jumpsteady - Mad Mad World

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Juggalo lives are full of complications

Are raised to survive on a street education

Always realize that there is a limitation

If we don't school life with a fresh occupation

Without society there's no communication

We feel a lot of hate, a lot of frustration

But we are driven by the realization

That we don't wanna be a sheep in this population

So we ascend through the madness without a fall

As we climb our way to the gates of Shangri-La

Living life can leave your mind in a twirl

When you stuck in the middle of a mad, mad world

[Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope talking]


Look at Afghanistan and what do you see?

War stalkin the children and the elderly

And when you look in their eyes, all you see is peace

Because from the agony, they wanna be released

You see they're fighting for their lives with every breath

Against famine, disease, and the plot of death

Now this was once a peaceful nation

But then came the plague that they call starvation

Now the stomach feels pain, shocks the brain

Cause the bombs drop from the sky instead of rain

And the land is dry while the mothers cry

And the babies that are born are born to die

You see the fear on the faces, dust in the air

The attitude we take is "I Don't Care"

But I guess it hurts us more than any other

As the Illuminati controls us all like big brother

Death is walkin the nation, take the boy, the girl

And all I say to myself is it's a mad, mad world



It's a mad, mad world whether you're poor or rich

Because you're livin with the probs that you're tryin to ditch

Whether Amy's in the attic, your husband has left

And you have to pay for the bills of you sickly son's death

Mentally of few, they're in and they're out

Your stress point builds up, you're ready to shout

But let me tell ya a lil something, that will not work

Cause all you find out will probably hurt

Can't pay for your rent so you try to hide

And when that doesn't work, you commit suicide

And now who has you problems? , you little girl

And do you know why?, cause it's a mad, mad world

[ICP talking]


Let's take of for the horrors of the Gulf War

Left us in the desert, never told us what for

Some thought that they would be heroes, thought their destinies were bound

But field of bloody corpses were all we ever found

"Why are we fighting the wars", what a lot of people said

While parents prayed every night that their sons weren't dead

To mommy's little boy, left him in a foreign land

Said, "You're fighting for your country, you better be a man

Better watch yourself, kid, and do the best you can

Cause one wrong move could mean you're dead where you stand"

We finally get home, another war's goin on

Some are saying that we're right while others say we're wrong

Anger turning out to our becoming outcasts

With a bitter hate and a pain from the past

No one understood my feelings of confusions

Said I was a feel, was living an illusion

Thinking of society and how I must adjust

Dreamin of my buddy who was blown in the dust

Gotta chip on my shoulder that ways about a ton

Cause I seen to much killing before the age of 21

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