Jumpsteady - Crazy Straight

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Woah woah


Woah woah


Woah woah


Woah Woah

Had sex on the first date crazy straight

$50 show you crashed the gate crazy straight

All in on a hand of triple eights, crazy straight

Her double-D's are fake and of course you crazy


Punks jump up but you easily devastate

On the scene cops only speculate crazy straight

Found your copy of the Wraith crazy straight

She wants to do more than masturbate crazy straight

You got the hot game three weeks before release date

Then versus your boys you annihilate crazy straight

You arrive at a plane crash late crazy straight

Notice his gun is a fake crazy straight

Beauitful blink date turns out to be a heavy-weight

Only got a dollar but she already ate crazy straight

Bowlin' partners ass is perfectly shaped

No need to stipulate your definately crazy straight


That's right what are we "We crazy straight"

Come on everybody "We crazy straight"

Scream it in there face "We crazy straight"

Don't try to instigate "We crazy straight"

When I say crazy you say straight

Crazy "Straight" Crazy "Straight"

When I say foo you say shuga luga wu

Foo "Shuga luga wu" Foo "Shuga luga wu"

Crazy straight and we don't stop

2 in the mornin' and we don't stop

4 in the mornin' and we don't stop

6 in the mornin' alright we stop

Yo, Special props to my daughter Samantha

Cause with her in my life I'm always Crazy Straight

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