Julian Thomas

Julian Thomas - Stuck With You

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Everything is easy

If I can just be with you

You’re sweet as honey

And you’re dependable too

It’s true what they say:

All you need is love every step of the way

Yeah, sometimes she’s an angel

But she can be trouble too

Then I really hate her

For what she puts me through

It’s true what they say:

Love in fact cuts both ways

Mmm, you’re just too sweet


There’s no way I can get out

I’m so much in love with you

I don’t think I would if I could, though

You are the love of my life

I won’t be able to leave you

I know I’m stuck with you

I’m livin’ a contradiction

I gotta give in to this friction

Love and hate, it’s true,

I’m stuck with you, stuck with you

Everything’s so easy

If I would just play this game

No one ever told me

There’d be a high price to pay

The ways of a woman

It’ll take the rest of your life tryin’ to figure them out

Hey, you’re just too sweet

Repeat chorus

Just when I begin to think that you’re not right for me

You do something that can bring back every smile in me

I realize the fate about this love and hate

Now nothing I can do, I’m stuck with you

Repeat chorus

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