Julian Thomas

Julian Thomas - Seize The Day

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He had a chocolate flavored vision

Saw the rainbow every day

I wanna figure out his happiness

I see craziness when I look around

He didn’t take his life for granted

Every breath and every beat of his heart

Another day, a possibility

An opportunity in his eyes, he told me


Seize the day

Never let it fade away

You keep on running from the truth

The miracle is just too much for you

Seize the day

You need to find a way

Look around and you’ll see through

The beauty of life, the way I do

What about the past or the future

They’re just pictures, frozen in your mind

The more you think, the less you’re living

With the time you’re given, you’d better smile!

Repeat chorus

Now don’t believe this world will wait for you one minute

You can be sure about one thing; time goes on

It doesn’t matter whether you’re happy or down and out

Time goes on, time goes on.

Repeat chorus

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