Julian Thomas

Julian Thomas - Mr. Sowburg

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I’m driving in a straight line and all the road signs

Make way for me

I’m free the day is all mine and the sunshine

Brings out the best in me

Right now I’m heading home

Cruisin’ down the road

Yeah, I’m almost there

A perfect day coming true

If it wasn’t for you


Mr. Sowbug, why did you not walk slow, bug,

No bug, I couldn’t go, bug, around you and save your soul

Oh no, I couldn’t save your soul.

I’m crawling in a straight line, no clue to the time

To meet my destiny

Not aware of the danger, of an ignorant stranger

Who’s just about to see the end of me

I was looking for food

In the neighbourhood

Yeah, I was almost there

A perfect day coming true

If it wasn’t for you, alright

Repeat chorus


I couldn’t save your


You would have made it, if you had waited a while, yeah!


Repeat chorus

Oh, it could’ve been so beautiful

Should’ve gone left, right, right, left

At the traffic light straight ahead, oh!

Oeh, life ends with a pop, ‘cause he couldn’t stop, no no

Just a perfect day coming true, if it wasn’t for you

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