Julian Thomas

Julian Thomas - Lucky Day

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Got a painting in your hand, found a spot on the wall

You pull yourself together to be a man once and for all

So you get your brand new toolbox from the garage

You pull out the hammer and you start to pound

You don’t really hit the nail, you hit an awful sound

That lets you know you got a new five foot hole in the wall


People say that I can do nothing right

When I don’t look on the bright side

I’m in trouble even on my lucky day

It’s your holiday, another day at the beach

Your phone is far away and your work’s finally out of reach

The only thing scheduled is your appointment with the sun

So you’re just about ready putting all of your sunblock on

Then this kid and a truckload of sand run along

Now you just have to start all over again

Repeat chorus

Well you might believe I’m not the only one

I don’t believe you’re right

‘Cause I’m in trouble…even on my lucky day

It’s the middle of the night and you really have to go

But you wanna be quiet, so you don’t switch on the light,

Thinking I should find my way in the dark by now...

So you climb out of bed and you reach for the door

But you forgot all about the box you put there the night before

Now you’re all awake staring at the pack of ice on your foot.

Repeat chorus

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