Julian Thomas

Julian Thomas - All Of My Life

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who can tell me what's wrong and what's right,

I’m surrounded by the puzzle, this life

No, my path is never straight

And there’s always something waiting

Walk in circles all through the night

Look for answers that I’ll never find

How am I supposed to rest

If I hunt for the solution?

Wanna find a way to surrender and to overcome


All of my life I figure out and wonder why

I wonder why

All of my life these things remain;

Questions unexplained

Tied in a thousand knots

They’re waiting to be unravelled

In the life that I travel

All of my life

In my past I was afraid of my mom

Careful, everything I did was wrong

And allthough time has grown

Still I’m living my illusion

Tryin’ to find a way to surrender and to overcome

Repeat chorus

You just go with the flow,

cause that’s where you’ll find your luck

Don’t prepare yourself,

‘cause you don’t know what you get

Or how you get it.

Now pick up your shining armour

and don’t be sad, ‘cause it’s not so bad

No, life’s so wonderful…

Repeat chorus

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