Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin - Amy'S Song

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You asked me to write a tune

All about the things that go wrong

And then you asked me to come home soon

To the place where I belong

But you stand on the other side

Of the line in this place

And you can't see me, you are blind

And this you can fake

No, this you can fake.


And sometimes, sometimes I wanna be

I scream that I wanna be

Anyone but me.

And I don't know if I can write about

Chosen walls and the things you feel

And I don't know if I can sing aloud

Closing doors showing you what's real

But I know when I close my eyes,

Late at night, there's only one thing

The night's shown that she can lie

It's your fight, show me something

Can you show me something


What do you want me to say

All I know is love - it's ok

I'll write what I know

And you do the same

Tell me I'm sane.


Thanks to Robin for these lyrics

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