Jordan Lebron Massey

Jordan Lebron Massey - Foreign

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Five years and I'm mad

Used to be in traffic, pushin' grams

Wait a minute, used to be the boy up in the stands

Bad relationships and bitches trippin', nah

I got hoes, wow! All my bros blowin' up

Foreign, I be dippin' out, pussy don't be trippin' out

Trowin' alley used to on my niggas like they dippin' out


All my niggas on, all my bitches foreign

But ya know it's not important

Ridin' through my city, Acura in the morning

But ya know that's not important

Tell me bout yo girl want it (?!)

Tell me bout yo girl want it (?!)

(Verse 2)

Why do we pretend? I know all yo friends

Tell me all the freaky shit you say when you're not here

Girl, I know you drive, girl you feel the rise

But I wonder if you can take it

Hold this for a second, oh damn

You know that you gon' need both hands

See it in your eyes, you'll just stay tonight

Cause all my niggas cool and we drink white wine


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