Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers Pleads for Fans’ Support

Jonas Brothers Pleads for Fans’ SupportTwo weeks after the Jonas Brothers cancelled their tour Nick Jonas breaks silence and takes Tweeter to ask fans to “bear with [them].”

The band consisting of brothers Nick, Joe and Kevin, called off their concert series earlier this month due to a “deep rift.” After two weeks of silence, Nick and Joe have finally sent a message to their fans in which they are asking their followers to be patient while they work out their differences.

“Bear with us,” Nick, 21, wrote on his Twitter account this Tuesday. Nick’s message was immediately followed by Joe’s request: “please hold while we get our sh*t together.”

Their comments come just days after the official Jonas Brothers Twitter account was deleted, leading to speculation the band was breaking up.

Last week Joe also suggested that he wanted to move away from music into movies.

“I think acting would be fun,” he revealed to People magazine. “I would like to [get into that]. I don’t really go out that much in L.A. ' a bit more in New York. I’m not really sure what I’m in for, but I’m very excited.”

Meanwhile, his brother Kevin is focused on his family life and on his wife Danielle, who is expecting their first child.