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Jon Connor - Workout Plan lyrics

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People’s rappingm that’s way I’m here for

Listen close take notes, cuz the issies I gotta deal niga shit are crazy

New whores man acting like they be there from the biggining

And he thought thay were there from the biggining

Fake shit, she ‚bout to laught it all my jokes

Lil chick she probably fuck with all my fox

This deal gonna change your life kid, I knew that when I signed it

Got a LA chick and a girl at home

But your haly gonna make you leave ypur girl back home

That’s the shit niggas told me about

That’s the shit mama own me about

Mama alwayse said when a nigga getting highes

Girls can’t get longer and hir sking get brighter

But ain’t no rules got me with my friends fuck it

Couldn’t hit when I was broke, I call it revance fuck it

I’m loving this shit

Had a chick so bad, I was thinking man I can’t belive I’m fukcing this bithc

I had to see bullshit when I’ve been on the road

Maybe wander what my girl do when I ain’t home

Will she be a freak still if she meat mic meal

Would she back on the trealor on her own free will

She thinking about me if she met JZ

Hold stacks when they see nigga, they see no TV

So be carefull how you take shutting in the street show

Turn you girl back home from a street whore

All my niggas say whore

Fuck around for the love with a ooh

Yeah I’m handsome but I understand a lot of money in the room

Baby try to keep your pants on

Pants on the floorn before I open the door

Well in this season when I use to open the show

Now I’m closing the show whores all in the roud

Finding now good girls, with these whores on the low

She went a week without you

And fogot all about you

She wanna talk it out but ain;’t nothing to talk about, shit

She gave it up to a nigga with chop

And I just try to work it out, work it out, work it out, work it out now

Ain’t no way that’s just a working out

I remember when I though I had a down ass bitch

Looking like boos ooh fucking it’s climb that bitch

When I still have sound, have reach and I was trying

Alwayse fine, let me carry kids that was’t mine

Probably bitch shouldn’t get it but I really wanna get it last

Open like walla three seven, I said it, I said it,

Any nigga hit the lane talking like wide green

Twenty -our seven more money more effort

To make it all better she can only take advantage if you motherfucker let her

Money ain’t make her no better but she onyl take advantage

When you motherfucker let her home

Boy let’s sing the song, it’s a fucking open letter

This full for dark pass, meet some paper

Let’s talk about sex baby girsl selling paper

She know I don’t give a fuck so a fuck is all I give her

Now could I make it any clear after a good ris

To the back to dealer, don’t let me hit at you,

Going in a minute to dude

Pick a truth, whores like just like the niggas do

Fugures she just hit another nigga for she think is truth

Fuck so many niggas while she make it fizicle

They just like fucking you she may fuck in general

Any many money pick how ever ain’t tell the truth

Try to change a pinch make a motherfucker mizreble

We go before they leave you, before they leave you with a win it’s cute

Try to figure out way she a whore, fucking you

When he send a, just he send a nigga and she good to do

Saying this, believing if I’m now ir if it’s pickeble

Never let another bitch last had me compare you, foul

Jelousy, you don’t know what it hits you

In love like you don’t know what come into you

Tell her that you love her cuz you tought she was commited too

Go out of town evey night she went with a different dude

You was try to change, enough it with your

You was try to figure like she’s special

She let anybody begg her, look

Niggas now, bithces now, we’re all in the bullshit and we don’t know way

You want a good girl but some don’t try

The bettre that sound don’t want

Pick it I see whores that /...

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