Jon Connor

Jon Connor - Where My Dawgs At

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Where my dwags at?

Where my dwags at?

Yeah, oh, look y’all

I’m not a hater, I just acknowledge the garbage

I’m probably the only nigga with nuts enough to be honest

The music getting so tonic, they wanna make me be Amish

I’m about to bring home the bacon, you niggas looking Islamic.

You ain’t sick, cause your music make me wanna vomit

That’s the fruits of picking your parts

Labels is fucking rotten.

We sit back watching, that’s why I’m talking that shit again

Who would knew that… is coming from Michigan.

They’re like, here kinda goe starting with the hate

No motherfucker, I’m hoping, I’m starting a debate!

Should buy an apartment in your state and put a target on your face

For every starving artist who appalled by the garbage that you make

Word so shocked that I hope it will leave a scar on your face

.. I fall like a man versus…

Don’t play games with me, cause every card is a an ace

I was a heavy nigga., hungry, I starved my way in the shade, huh!

This shit is funny, right? But damn yeah, I’m still trying to get my money right

But check the signs! Niggas kick ass to be mother fucking trash

So when a nigga be a… I said the shit is tight.

Look, stand as a rap, then drop solo

Nobody really know who got flow no more!

Fuck! The rap game stinks, cause we just sit by and let shit fly

Lil boy, fuck her all nice! I can’t rap dumb, act dumb

I just try harder to make you smarter, see?

The niggas y’all keep saying is good

Is making every nigga wanna go and rap in the hood

And they both sound the same, so we’re thinking we should

Cause he might blow…his action he could!

Shit is scary! Rap videos looking like parodies

Snapping like Gray Anatomy, fuck trying to compare to me, nah!

I adjusted it, you know you can’t fuck with this shit that I come up

My tongue is a gun buster.

Killing ya, you think you’re on top till the ceiling fall,

My shit is authentic, the shit you’re spinning they’re really…

Dwag, you’re about to get more by Godzilla clause

You nigga is… what happened when you taste the water fall?

Now it’s like companions is not allowed

You niggas gonna make me turn in a star and get… wild

I’m the passionate African, never seen them…

The damage that I caused, … had to abandon

You niggas stand…. like a giraffe’s ass

Trying to school you niggas in new numbers like it’s math class

Friday the 13th, dodge your girl and get staffed ass

Keep planning your trash ass, get staffed in the…

All these combinations to spark a conversation

This is hard in the game, a cardiac complication

Agree and disagree, this is me

Just trying to have…in the legacy I lead.

You’re from the… you just told me to kill shit and let them know

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