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Jon Connor - We Don't Care lyrics

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Most of you niggaz ain’t talk about shit

That I’ve never changed

That my pocket still hurts the other niggaz

That a nigga is tryin’ to do

I think I want my change back

Labels are droppin’ from the bar

Tryin’ to figure out where my…is at

Maybe it ain’t your time,motherfucker

While I’m entertaining

…like you don’t know what to do with a nigga

That’s in the future like

I’m only a failure,a failure

Nowadays all of my hoes say

I need features

Cause a nigga can’t get a call back

Niggaz in the hood,I was here

I want to take it all back

White girls are working on me

Mami,that’s a right back

But her in the dress room

Come solve that

..Amy’s sick…

Cause I can’t get these niggaz off my balls

…Like a mental pause,like a menopause

Like a change of life

I had a phone last night

I changed my flight

…let me change your life,let me change your life

Yeah,bitch ,let me change yur life

They say love don’t cost a thing

These hoes have changed the price

…get overpriced

Get overwhelmed

With hoes over price

Ain’t nothing normal feeling like you

Miami nights are like Miami Vice

So many nights I started feeling like…

Can’t be that like shit

I talked to the nanny

Who is the memory of my granny’s life

Me and my sister wanted to live and share a brandy life

I went in the nights to fuck the price

They’ll be like fuck you ,ay

Deserve a bad bitch with a bad friend to fuck me right

…I tried and deliver that nigga a note

I’m in ,commited

The…is so crazy,shit

…and there it is

Blood all over my fucking wall

Cause I party to fuck them all

Like I got the condom

I got you saying

You’re fucking wrong

You wanna fuck with real niggaz?

My game played with some of you

Be cool,my niggaz

…friends that fucked me over

So I really don’t trust any of you all

My grand dad is still in the hood

Hoping he is no4

…for like I run them all

I can get a fifth to the night

Like I run the all

Feelin’ like I’m runnin’ off

Damn,they take me back

Where my momma just begged me to stay

Never basic just chasing the greatest and stay on …

Ignore the haters,we’re staying strong

Revenge is weak,they went to ea

They want to have a taste of that

By any mean push through

That’s what we must

Though I’m living proof

That dreams come true ,nigga

Back to the motherfucking world

Do I come back or what?

The people is rappin’ rght

I do this shit for you all

I swear the God it’s just my way to say “thank you!”

Yeah,I see what it mean

It means change

Not at all

So welcome to the bless of the world

The late registration of college drop-out

Just call that shit best in the world

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