Jon Connor

Jon Connor - U Ain't Gettin' Nothin' (ft. XV) lyrics

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I’m coming from the ..all my niggas bosses

all my niggas real .. to the office f*ck with me till the ..

..turn you niggas to be conscious ..

You nigga so fragile you say jump I say ..all you nigga so ..

..border like terrorist the flow is insane

I think I might need a therapist

The fly is my city ..talkin shit about my city .

. industry fighting every day even when I am cold fire on mam

.miracle and now they vision


I hear you talkin how we’re blowin up

Let’s taek a toast and

U ain’t getting nothing

Nothing nothing u aint getting nothing

And they motha f*ck I got speakers ..hammer

Bald all you nigga

Supreme with that white

Look around the hood I can’t ;; track I give a .. from hell

Do it from the

Why you niggas the ..sign a long day


I’m no t the average .. keep passin like a body and I’m streaming

Posess rappers like I’mn my style as if I’m in the fashin

Look the flow is sick .. I ever heard with my ..

Homie I’ve been the .. I have no more

Is getting crowded


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