Jon Connor

Jon Connor - Toca Tuesdays lyrics

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Check it out yo, check it out yo

No doubt, Jon Connor, make it rock, ya

Check it out man, finally, I put an instrument.. for that dynasty

You know what.... cause they ain't ... me

Chilling out with Jon Connor down the beach.

Oh, I'm trying man, I'm just fucking around

Homie, I'm hungry, so feed me

Kill the game of need be

And now it seems that the whole game need me

I make the game look easy

How I do great shit like I got the shit on repeat.

Who you know to do it...

The top spot is my home

Top spot and they're gone,

Pop pop and they go!

See em from... fly city

This is my city, homie ride with me

Nobody touching me, basically

Nobody can fuck with me, it's ugly, trust me, fuck with me!

Come on!

You see us go get pretty, I'm so witty

You see, I do it for... so look

...home boy, I got flows out a back checker

Bigger than the... nigger, what's that what?

You're all here to... come back, do it...

Need no brown shit, shit, fuck that, see no clouds,

Look, you're about that, nigger fuck it!

Look, I hold down

All spots, all shots, I'mma get it, you talk it,

I live it, you see it, I did it!

You niggers is...

Homies, I am the realest of realest, say I'm the realest

Killers say I'mma kill this!

G! you better back it up shit, you better pack it up

Young niggers acting up, rap it up

Ya niggers left overs, and all this is gonna be left over

Fuck it, your head is gone

Soldier, get... nigger show us the...

Fuck it, I'm coming for that respect

So anybody better press record right now

Shit, you better get it, I get it... right now

You all seen this, this is...

He keeps going, he keeps flowing, fuck it,

I'm real from my heads to my toes

..but fuck it home boy

Running back like I'm running back, I touch down, old clouds better see me

I see no evil peoples rapping...

There will be no after look

Fuck that I read ... and this my chapter

You bastards, I ...won ya

Come on, come all, nigger fuck you

Nigger how I do it, ya niggers done ...

I put you all on leashes ...

Speaking in speakers, you are all non-believers

Should I make non-believers believers

Nigger fuck you all, I teach you all

I'll be teaching the teachers

And the great ripper...

Look, anybody do it like me it's blessed than likely

You niggers is hungry, that's why they bite me, shit!

My shit is scary, it's frightening

Phony touch, you gonna have to cut me off

Nigger fuck it, they didn't piss me off

I'm do fly, dog, they didn't lift me off!

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