Jon Connor

Jon Connor - The World

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Hey yo og, fuck they know about that case the counted shit

Jon Connor, that’s to the motherfucking world

Block city stand the fuck up

Oh and it won’t predict this cold

And the flow give them motion sickness

Shine and the glow is vicious

Drown when I put it down

Nigga float with the fishes

Just fuck the world like I fuck my girl

And my mistress,

Don’t wanna miss this

Killing emcees, one by one

It’s all that’s on my wishlist

So this shit’s gonna be better than Christmas

So, put fear in the Christians

Plus means no chance for the victims

This year it appears that I’m history clear

I’m neglecting the system

Systematically taking the part they anatomy

You starting battery, I turn murder to art

This a masterpiece

Now I’m gladly building a gallery

I’m from the north side, ...

Niggas that’s mad at me, I’m like fuck him and his family

Tryina stop me, you gonn need a strategy

And the whole police academy

Fuck it, you gonna need a party

To blackhit the party, and table to ...the artist

But still you can’t fuck with me hardly

And this is a warning for niggas but shit I can call it

The reason I live, the reason I thrive

Obsession with being the greatest alive

Don’t compromise for nothing, I be spitting that heat

I’m a beast they could see watching me rise

For years I’ve been watching them ball

Now I’m watching them fall

Yes I was watching them all

It’s my time, now I’m watching them crawl.

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