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Jon Connor - The Rappers Rapper lyrics

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Don't crucify me for my point of view

too many fucking rappers out people might get confused

i pass out the cd you pass one

it makes it hard to choose

iust makes it hard for a true artist to get his duce

here goes my life my girl

momma posed this question to me

said what i do i rap

now we both feeling funny

because a nephew rapped too

and he ain’t getting money

he bullshit that’s the shit

she is expecting from me

look ain’t enough time to explain the difference

but if it was a doubt this

she ain’t even wanna listen

for every dope Mc is 20 wick

yeah the world is full of dope rappers

they are just buried under ..get his chance

cause you set up what you meant

.. you append a couple of gram

While he just wanna make music

In his basement lyrics hot beat blazing cause of you

Nobody take it please nigger have a conscious

If he ain’t pop up before he get a job shit

It’s all the same no matter if I switch …

Everybody speak .. nigger got an …

Till I hit a mix tape please

Too many nigger with this gimmicks

Would they finally pay attention of

Bullshit that you’re speakin just as bad as the mixing one

Spit his real life to other spit that potential .. never heard of it difference

So how they know the difference niggers spitting trash

Every day put .. speakers so every day they should …

This is what make people believers in his .. good or bad

We just don’t listen to neither

So my message is keep your head

Tall my dream see we all got a call

And a purpose believe me lot of niggers rapping

Cause they think this shit is easy and believe that’s the process

What’s going through your mind I am trying to stop you

From wasting your time and money see niggers that be in it

For a minute make you .. hit a time .. local rappers

You almost get offended for all my niggers spitting

.. in the studio keep going gotta get it if you got it

Do it cause your heart is in it cause you are looking for profit

If that show motivation you should go get back in college I know niggers with a Greece

That ain’t what the wanna be see naggers waste their time

Is the shit that bother me

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