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Jon Connor - The Heist lyrics

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Yo lee, come ride with me real quick, yeah

I do it for the thrill of the sport and if I get caught nigger

Fuck it, I'ma show my dick to the court

It's millions of more, the life …

Getting out of the hood for good and be a …

Take what I want and I'ma take them for war

Be part in a motherfucking … so long, my knuckle is soar

And I see they got a lock on the door

We coming through the ceiling …

They asking what I'm doing is this for

Ain't nobody give it to me the hood already like prison to me

Papa had to swallow his pride tastes like spinach to me

So I'ma take it, put the mask on my face

Now they hating the way they made me for all the days I was waiting

My flow is like shoty cause I don't have a problem, body in every body

… nigger don't try me, look, don't be a hero, it's better to be an ally

Or say your prayers or you're gonna need a … rapper

I hate it had to come to this but understand that my whole life I wanted this

Versus to killing got me on the most wanted list

But I grew up around niggers who wasn't won shit

So I put my whole fucking life in the rapping

So I guess you could call this a crime of passion

They gonna put me in the chains but … they put the …

Cause I'ma keep killing verses till they close the casket

Yeah a lot of niggers eating I ain't one of them

So when I do this I don't feel remorse for none of them

The flow got swaying bullets just like I got a gun on them

Each ball is a charge I got a turn of them, fuck yo

I'm loving the … yeah, …rappers. .. I turn them to stiffs motherfuckers looking like mannequins

Niggers hate when I write, is like taking a life

Life is a bitch I made it my wife bow you paying the price

Listen up, better me taking your spot than you taking the shot

And nigger I'm … so they saying a lot

See I'm taking your shine now all of this mine

Diamond in the rough and this a mine in every … is that simple

Criminal minded, killing niggers with that mental

Help us all step up jumping the fuck out that window

Go kill yourself, save me the trouble

When I spit, I went to beat up, leaving the …

Hold up, niggers ain't safe now I'm taking the safe

Look, metaphorically speaking, I'm taking their place

On a road with the shit I'm hoping they down for the chase

Cause I really don't give a fuck who they got on the case

Cause … I've been on this grind for most of my life

And I ain't made a habit out of rolling the dice

But every move is calculated this is precise

They let me in the industry now it's time for the heist, let's go.<br />

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